Density of the most widespread cargoes (\rho)

Oil of soy-bean


0,924–0,927 g/sm3
Oil of flax   0,930–0,938 g/sm3
Oil is palm   0,924 g/sm3
Oil of sunflower   0,924–0,926 g/sm3
Oil of rape   0,913–0,917 g/sm3
Treacle   1,32 g/sm3
Carbamide ammoniac mixture   1,32 g/sm3
Vinomaterial   0,98


A puree is fruit   1,1 g/sm3
Glycerol   1,261 g/sm3

For the calculation of a transport weight of load use a next formula m = \rho*V.

m – weight of products, tones

\rho – closeness of products, g/sm3

V – Volume of tank-car, m3